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Why choose Hungry English

Customized, Personal, Effective.

Hungry English is the best way to learn what interests you. From small group classes that focus on specific skills in a training centre, to small one to one lessons taught enthusiastic, dedicated tutors.


You’ll be taught by specialist, talented individuals who are passionate about helping you achieve your results. Learning tsken to the next level..

Greater Opportunity.

Specialist centres focus on certain skill sets  topics, from art, chess, drama and math to more unique skills interview, debate or even presentation.


With Hungry English, we have the largest network of special training centres and tutors, meaning that you have hundreds of potential teachers, ready to answer your questions and give classes.

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Awesome Teachers.

Our teachers come from a range of backgrounds, each with their own special and unique abilities. Each one has the flexibility and the passion to make a customised learning experience for you.



Each training centre space is designed to inspire you, from their color choices to their teaching aids.


Light and colorful, team-oriented and full of energy, students can surround themselves with the learning and creative energy they’re looking for.

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Results Delivered.

The reason students may find it so difficult to stay motivated? People get bored. That’s where we come in!


Hungry English connects you to thousands of effective tutors, training centers and inspiring courses, guaranteeing your learning opportunities stay exciting, and fun.

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