About Hungry English Club 贪吃英语聚乐部

创建贪吃英语 Why Start Hungry English?


    Due to China’s development, Mr. Roberts decided to come to China. After working in English education for 2.5 years, he found that there were many opportunities that were being lost because of cultural boundaries and access to teachers. So he decided to start something that will greatly help many Chinese with the English studying and become more global citizens.

我们的使命 Our Mission




    We want to be world class at providing private, international tutors to both parents and companies, regardless of their size or location. Our vision is to empower parents and individuals to have the same power and access to educational talent and resources as large established training centres do.    In doing this, we want to attract the best international talent and dedicated people to use our services, to meet their educational needs.

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    So we have created a ground-breaking app that will completely disrupt the educational market in Beijing and greater China. Given its cross cultural online to offline business model, the app will increase the earning potential of teachers whilst at the same time giving parents and students high quality, standardised learning opportunities.